How To Face Cancer As A Couple 

If you need to deal with the cancer symptoms and treatments for months, one question that a curious fellow may ask is: “Do you still have time for love?” 

I know – there is no straightforward answer to that. Every patient has a unique way of handling their condition and relationships. Some individuals tend to swear off dating or getting married entirely to prevent “becoming a burden” to anyone. Others, meanwhile, do not give up on love and still form or maintain romance with someone special. 


The former choice is more cringe-worthy than the latter, to tell you frankly. The cause of pessimism is as crystal clear as the water in an unpolluted beach, of course, but you cannot always assume that you will only weigh down a great, healthy individual if you get involved with him or her romantically. Besides, it is better to face cancer as a couple than alone if you merely know how. 

  1. Talk To Each Other

Communication is a relevant aspect of any relationship. You need your verbal skills to find out how your partner is feeling during, after, or in between treatments. It is also significant for your better half to know that you are still calm with everything and that you have no intention of bailing out on him or her soon. 


Cancer, after all, does not only target the physical level. The pain, expenses, and incredible weight loss that come with the disease are enough to push someone down the depression or anxiety path. If you do not utilize words to express yourselves, your bond will suffer, and the stress it brings may be too much for the patient. 

  1. Create Decisions Together

In case you already tied the knot, it matters to let your better half aware of every option you will choose health-wise and wait for him or her to agree to it. Although the disorder lies in one of them alone, you are a couple now so you cannot leave your significant other out of the loop. It will be unfair to that man or woman, and that will cause more terrible marital issues later. 

Nonetheless, what makes the healthy spouse fit to come up with a decision with their ill partner is having as much knowledge about cancer as the patient. In times when the drugs or therapy prevents the latter from deciding well, you need to assist them in that department. You cannot be a great adviser if you know the proper term for the disease and the medical treatment they are undergoing. 

  1. 3. Stay Patient

Cancer is not like the flu that will go away once you drink lemon juice with honey. The medications suitable for the illness typically come in high dosages. If the doctor sees the necessity of subjecting you to chemotherapy or radiation therapy, you may also have to deal with the side effects of going through it, e.g., hair loss, rapid weight reduction, et cetera. 

Assuming your husband or wife is not the specialist who looks after your health, the only way that he or she can help you is by often telling you that you will always be gorgeous in their eyes. This kind of reassurance is vital to keep you from feeling frustrated about your external appearance. So savor it and wait patiently for the time when you can show your significant other how much more beautiful you can be without the disease giving you hardships. 


Love is and will forever be the most powerful thing on Earth. Once you are sharing that with the right person, there is no way for cancer or any scary illness to snap the life – and the joy – out of you.