Woman’s Health: 2015 Hudson Cancer Awareness Month

In the last 2015 Hudson Cancer Awareness Month in October, the community recognizes the importance of women’s health. Throughout the whole experience of joining the fight against the deadly diseases, people are encouraged to support the advocacy.  Since there are thousands of women who get affected by breast cancer all over the world, the annual recognition symbolizes the essence of accepting, knowing, supporting, and fighting for the disease.

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The annual campaign is organized by different charities and organizations to increase awareness of breast cancer. The purpose of the program is to create a contribution to make an active community and influence people’s participation. The advocacy is to team up with different organizations to extend the coverage of the patients’ medication, treatment, and even private nursing needs. Though most of the collected financial support is for the victims of the disease chance to receive critical attention and possible life-changing treatments, some of the funds will also sustain and fund the ongoing advancement of the world’s promising breast cancer treatment research.

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The campaign also focused on delivering information about the condition. These include its cause, diagnosis, symptoms, prevention, as well as its cure. It also aims to support many programs such as scholarships for breast cancer patients, emergency procedures not included in the insurance, care fund, rehabilitation, and recovery treatment, as well as the one-on-one counseling services. It is a potential way to raise funds and create an impact at the same time. The organizations and charities gather all together to build a concerned community that works in difficult situations.

Breast cancer is a serious matter that not only women endure, but also the individuals around every one of them. The awareness is a way to let people know that every lives matter and the fight for breast cancer is a lengthy procedure.